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What is Cam’s Crazy 8s?

Cam’s Crazy 8s is a health & wellbeing platform designed to accelerate all areas of one’s health. We base our platform around the improvement of habits that can fast-track your results. This includes training, nutrition, stress, recovery, lifestyle & consistency!

We provide bodyweight workouts for all goals, educational courses, workout programs, health tracking, forums, blogs, support & much more! Payment will occur at the conclusion of your free trial.

Who is Cam?

Cam is a professional swimmer, personal trainer, nutritionist, coach & the founder of Cam’s Crazy 8s. He has over a decade of expereince in the health & fitness industry & he has worked alongside more the one-thousand + clients on a one-on-one, group, or online base. 

Cam’s Crazy 8s incorporates every piece of knowledge he has learnt/experienced over the past decade. Using strategies that unlock peak health & performance from wherever you may be.

What will I learn?

Cam’s Crazy 8s is designed to educate, accelerate, & transform all areas of your health & wellbeing. All members have access to education resources, health tracking technology, forums, blogs, & countless workouts to ensure your learning experience is unlike any other product on the market!

All members can complete unlimited educational courses that provide an insight into how the worlds health experts live. Topics include, but are not limited to; nutrition, stress management, training, recovery, motivation, & much more.

Is there a community I can join?

All members have 24/7 access to Cam & the community. This makes our platform as personal as possible for each & every member to ensure you maintain motivation & encouragement throughout this journey.

To contact members directly, head to the forum page where you can communicate with like-minded members. Alternatively, create a separate forum & share personal opinions / questions you have. All forums are approved through admin for safety purposes.

If you decide to work directly with Cam through our custom programs feature, you will have direct contact/support to him.

How do I sign-up for a 14-day free trial / what does it include?

You can sign-up for a 14-day free trial by clicking any of the prompts on our pages. You will then be guided through a quick registration process that allows the platform to personalise our content specifically for you, your goals, & fitness capability.

Upon sign-up, you will gain full access to our workouts, courses, 10% OFF all programs, plus much more until you opt-out. Payment will occur at the conclusion of your free trial.

How much does a Cam’s Crazy 8s membership cost & how does it work?

Cam’s Crazy 8s is a subscription-based program. The annual subscription of $96.00 works out to be only $8.00 per-month. Your subscription will renew automatically every 12-months until you opt-out.

You can cancel your subscription at any time throughout this period as there are no lock-in contracts. Members can do this through their dashboard.

What experience do I need?

All workouts use the resistance of your bodyweight. This means you can push yourself as hard, or as easy as you wish. Regardless of your age.

Our workout library is categorised into beginner, intermediate, & advanced workouts to ensure all fitness capabilities can complete a challenging workout that is specific to your training ability & goal. Members can complete guided, instructed & written workouts depending on preference.

I am trying to sign up, but my email is already registered?

If your desired email address is already in our system, our platform will ask you to sign into the existing account. In this situation, click ‘Forgot your password?’ & we will send a replacement password through to the accounts email address.

If there is a mistake, or you have any issues registering this matter, contact: as we will resolve your issue within 48-hours.

How safe is my personal information?

The privacy of your information is a top priority.

Payment details are saved directly through SecurePay, meaning no payment details are saved onto the Cam’s Crazy 8s server. In order to process your payments as quickly & securely as possible, we use SecurePay as a third party - a leading company in secure online payments. To take a look at SecurePay’s security, please click here:

All account information is private to you & your account.

Does Cam’s Crazy 8s have an app?

Our platform is designed to function on all devices.

On a computer: bookmark the home page by clicking the share button, before hitting ‘Add Bookmark.’

On phones & tablets: add Cam’s Crazy 8s as an app by hitting the share button, before clicking ‘Add to Home Screen,’ this will then save Cam’s Crazy 8s as an app on your device.

All 12-week programs use the ‘Teambuildr’ app as a third party.

How can I edit my dashboard?

Dashboards can be accessed by both existing & previous members upon sign-in. To edit your profile, change your subscription, or adjust any settings related to your dashboard / account - click the ‘Edit Profile’ button on your menu.

You can also adjust your schedule, track your progress, enter goals, plus much more by following the correct button cues on your dashboard.

I need more help

Please send us an email at, or message us directly through our social media platforms @camscrazy8s & one of our team members will be assist you further.